Wednesday, January 29, 2014


The news started talking about snow coming about four days before it was to get here.  Atlanta ended up in a hot mess but around here is doesn't seem so bad.  The roads aren't in terrible condition, which is good since James still had to go to work.  And he's getting off early because they are expecting the melting snow to re-freeze the road tonight.  So hopefully that will all turn out for the best and tomorrow it will all be gone!
the girls got to play in the snow!!
It was supposed to be here at noon...
So we waited and waited....and finally...
It got here!!
Ready to go play :) we are so under-prepared for snow weather.
 A little walk around the neighborhood.

 And an early nap with a pretty view of the snow.
In my opinion it was about the perfect amount of snow.  Both girls got to see it and play in it, but it wasn't too much.  Snowday success!


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