Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day

 When Emmy woke up she knew what was going on and where she needed to be.  And that wasn't waiting on me to get Caitlyn dressed!
 "that's the castle from the ipad!"

 Here comes Caty-bug
 She liked the castle too!
 But not as much as Emmy :)

 Time to look at her presents and read some books with Grandaddy
 After breakfast, we packed up and headed to Gigi's house.  Emily and her cousin Ansley got to play santa and deliver everyone's presents.

 The kids racked up.  We are getting to have a lot of little ones around.
 Emily got an awesome dollbaby that she recognized right off from the million toy commercials she watches on you-tube.
 Great-grands picture.  I hope everybody else got a better angle than I did. :)

 Sweet girls!
The whole family!


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