Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December Daily: 12-12-12

Chippy landed in the dang tree this morning! Good thing he didn't knock the star's not super stable!

We had a great day at home today despite it being chilly and rainy. Then I somehow talked James into going to Augusta to buy me some new running shoes. I am so excited! I also got a great deal on some running shirts. We paid like 10 and saved 85. That is crazy! I do love a good deal :)

Awesome shoes :). When we got home and Emily saw my taking my picture of Chippy she had to take some pictures with her iPhone too (my old one). After a few of the tv....back of the couch...up close of the tree...she got this one

She may have a future as a photographer. Got to work on steadying that little hand. Caitlyn also wore around one of Emily's current night gowns today and is currently sleeping in it.

She's not supposed to be growing up this fast :(

Can't wait to see where Chippy lands tomorrow!


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