Saturday, December 8, 2012

December Daily: Day 8

This morning Chippy landed in the window seal. He must have had to make a quick landing!

After we found Chippy, Grammy came over to hang out with the girls while Grandaddy and I went to run in our first 5k! I think it went really well. We finished in 37 minutes which was right in the middle of the pack. That's averaging a 12 minute mile which is faster than I've ever done before. We kinda got lucky and fell in with a couch to 5k group who had their coach with them keeping them updated on our progress and pace. That was super cool and I was willing to fight through some "I would like to walk for a minute" times to keep up with them. Hopefully one day I will be looking back at this blog post and have been able to finish much faster in the future :)

Love my daddy!


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