Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve

James and I both had to work Christmas Eve. The girls had a great time hanging out with their Grammy and Grandaddy and getting lots of sugar from Uncle Brian. :)  When we got home....the party started!

 These girls love their Daddy!
 Group shot :)
 Let's get this party started!

 Caitlyn definitely got into opening the presents. Everyone's.
 Ohmygosh! More play dough!


 Ohmygosh another Barbie! She had so much fun!
 Poor Daddy got stuck opening everything up for the girls.
 She love the Barbie Uncle Brian! 
 And she loves the baby Grammy!
 and the chocolate alphabet.

 Daddy got some golf balls from Uncle Brian and a golf club from the girls.  He almost got knocked out by that one before he saw her with it :)

And of course we had to make some cookies for Santa!  It's just hard to believe how fast these years are flying by.  Christmas is so much fun with little ones. :)


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