Saturday, October 9, 2010

Busy Week

Emily had her first picnic this week.  We took her to Riverview Park and walked for what seemed like 15 miles.  Good grief!  She had fun though.

Then finally on Sunday, Emily finally decided to unwrap one of her duplicate presents from her party.

Friday, we took our big one year old baby girl to see her Great-Grandma Pat and Great-Grandaddy Emory in Columbia.  Grandma Pat gave Emmy a precious teapot and some gorgeous outfits.  (Thank you!)

On Saturday, Uncle Krish came to visit and Daddy and Uncle Krish went to the USC/Alabama game.  So the girls went to Touch a Horse.  Emmy got to ride a cuite pie little horse and pet some cutie pie little puppies.  

She is getting to be such a big girl! Everyday she has new words that she uses.  She will pick up her toy cell phone and say "hello."  She had been calling James "Da" but this morning she busted out the "da-da."  "Baby" is also a favorite.  

At her one year doctor visit this week, the Dr said that if she stays on her growth curve she will gain 5lbs this year and grow 5 inches!  We are going to have a tall skinny baby!  But of course she will always be just perfect to me =)


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