Friday, October 15, 2010

The Zoo

We took our first trip to the zoo in Columbia yesterday and it was a great success!  The weather was perfect and Emmy really enjoyed looking at all of the animals.

We started with the little monkeys...see him behind us?
 Then I thought it would be a great idea for a photo with this bronze monkey so I plopped her up there, and she was terrified!  So this is as close as we got.
 We saw the lion eating his breakfast.
 The big monkeys were going crazy! She loved watching them swing around a holler at each other.

 The penguins were fun but the wild kids were a little much =)
 And the giraffe was "right there"!!

 And we had to make one last visit to the big monkeys before we left. 
 Then when went to go meet Grandma Pat for lunch and a little shopping...
 and got a new hairbow.

It was a great day and got us excited about the aquarium this week!


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