Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Obsession

Through my constant stalking of strangers blogs, I have been introduced to a line of clothing for little girls called "Matilda Jane." OMG!! That stuff is SO cute!!! So on the hunt I went. I searched ebay, message boards, and facebook for a week (literally) before I found the perfect items for Emmy...

 This outfit is just too cute!!!

And hopefully I can layer this up with a long sleeve t-shirt and the leggings from the other outfit.  We will see if it matches.  From what I've read, these clothes work on the girls for a long time because of the loose fit and the flexibility of mixing/matching.   Whatever they have going on, it must be special.  There are tons of fanatics out there.  They even have their own lingo.

On another note, Emmy is really starting to walk today.  She will take 8 or so steps all on her own without us having to bait her into it.  Growing too fast!


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