Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 4th

This is how I spent July 4th morning.  After my run I got to sit on the deck in the warm sun and feel a breeze....a little piece of heaven.  Mom kept the girls so James and I could go down for the night and actually hang out...with each other.  What's that mean? lol
 They got spoiled rotten while we were gone.  Look how cute Grammy fixed them up!
 And they got to go on a date to Moe's.  Lucky!
I came and got them to go back up to the lake and Emily was so tired she couldn't even get her happy meal toy out of the package.  Silly goose.
In other news, Uncle Brian is in London doing things really smart people do. And (I AM NOT PREGNANT!!) but this little nugget will be making it's way into our lives sometime this year.
I can't say who is going to be it's primary caregiver yet (NOT US!) but it's really special :)  We have pregnant ladies all around us right now.


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