Wednesday, July 24, 2013

National ice cream day to present

Sunday I actually dragged myself out of bed and ran before James left for work.

I actually enjoyed it and once this humidity dies down I will be doing this a lot more.

After church we had to go get ice cream.
You have to get ice cream on National Ice Cream day.  I am sad to report that there are no pictures of Emily with her ice cream...because she wouldn't eat her food and didn't get any.

Dad was off Monday so the girls got to get spoiled by both grandparents.

It was also actually nice outside.  It's been such weird weather.

I got in my long run at the gym yesterday morning for the week, I got in 5 miles while watching the Bourne Identity. I was nice.  Then when I went to work, cousin Karly kept the girls.

I have no idea how she got Emily to hold still that long!  And since I wasn't here at bedtime Daddy James decided to switch things up....

and ohmygoodness that's my baby sleeping in her big girl bed :( no like


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