Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Chippy is back!

Chippy is back! 

Emily has been talking my Dad into making a lot of crafts lately.  They made the star for Mom and Dad's tree.  It's pretty awesome I think.
We had a movie day watching Polar Express and drinking hot chocolate.  They have been watching movies a lot more lately.

One morning Chippy showed up with his friend, Carolina.  She didn't have any where to stay for the holiday season so we are letting her hang at our house.
We also found a pin on pinterest where you turn a pack and play into tent by taking the netting out of one side.  I call this a #pinsuccess!
We also took Caitlyn to her first movie.  We saw Frozen and it was so good!  We were the only ones in there so it didn't really matter if they were super still or super quiet. We could just enjoy it.
It was really fun and a really cute movie!


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