Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas with Mimi and Papaw

Mimi and Papaw beat Santa here this year.  We were so glad to see them and be able to enjoy some time outside and just get to visit.
 And of course they brought presents. Lots and lots of presents!
 Caitlyn took off running through the house when she saw this baby swing.  It was the sweetest reaction.  She loved it!
 She liked her dollhouse too.
 Emily was also very excited, ohmygosh new plates!
 They kept Mimi busy putting together all kinds of accessories.
 Pawpaw gave Emily her first real diamond necklace.  She's super fancy now!
 Caitlyn was still loving her dollhouse :)
 Selfie :)
 Mimi's turn to open one!  They really overdid it with presents for us.
Then we all hopped on a bus and went to see Christmas lights.  The girls were excited about riding a bus for the first time.  Emily said that was the best part of her day (um, hello did she forget all the presents? crazy kid)
 How sweet is that?  I owe Aunt Tina for sneaking these pictures with her fancy windows phone.
 It was our first time at Hopelands Gardens to see the Christmas lights.  And we could wear short sleeves and jackets.  I'd consider that successful.
Our visit went way too fast like all of our other visits with Mimi and Papaw.  We can't wait to see them again soon!


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