Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

Christmas Eve was a huge success. We hung around the house and did Christmas-sy stuff.

We taught Daddy how to wrap presents and Emily labeled them for us with our super-fancy Sharpie marker.
Then it was time to open presents with the fam!
Sorry for all of the action shots. I promise to use a real camera next year.
I feel like that should be on next year's Christmas card.
Then it was time for bed and Santa!
Both the girls woke up with fevers and a virus on Christmas morning but were both still really excited of course!

Check out our fancy jammies :)

We took the picture above and Grandma Joyce's house later Christmas Day.  Poor Caitlyn was struggling with that whole fever and bendryl combination.

Caitlyn called it "Crimpus" this year.  They are growing up so fast! I can't even think about how big they will be for this post next year.  We sure are blessed!


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