Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Thanksgiving fell late this year, at least I heard somebody say that anyway, so we went ahead and put our tree up before Thanksgiving. It's a lot of work and I'd like to enjoy it as much as possible.
The girls are so excited about Christmas!
My contribution to Thanksgiving at Grandma Joyces were these brownie pies.
We did the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning and it was so cold.  It warmed up quick though.
I finished in 27 minutes. I was by myself most of the time so I wasn't feeling super competitive.  And there were a lot of really fast people there.
Uncle Brian and Allison made it on the Today Show during their trip to New York.
We did Thanksgiving all over again on Saturday with Grandma Pat, Mimi and Papaw.  Not to brag....but the food was stinking awesome.  We had to do it up Gamecocks style since the big game was on that night.  Yes, that's a woozie.
So. good.
Then yesterday Mom came over to visit and let me go for a run in our neighborhood.  They've done a lot of building in the subdivision behind us and have a new road that loops around to this hill.  I had to stop when I got to the top and take a picture.
It was the first run since Savannah that nothing was hurting me and I am so glad to hopefully be over that hump!
Emily was feeling super cute this morning and asked to take a picture before we left for school.  She was making sure that you could see her bracelet.
And we were lucky enough for Grams to come back over today and play!
And help us make oreo balls and coat everything else I could find in the leftover chocolate.
Then I got some of this sugar.  She was snoring like a grown man.  Too sweet!!


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